Yashili International in the Chinese Pediatric Milk Formula Market


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Report #2 in’s ‘Corporate Profile’ series of publications.

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During July 2011 has published a report entitled ‘Yashili International in the Chinese Pediatric Milk Formula Market.

The report provides a profile on Yashili International, a leading domestic player in China’s large and burgeoning pediatric milk formula market. As well as profiling Yashili, the report provides solid details on the pediatric milk formula market in China, including an analysis of:

  • The size of the market
  • Recent growth trends – usurping the U.S. as the world’s largest pediatric formula market
  • Future forecasts, &
  • Market shares amongst major players

As background to the report, an analysis is provided on:

  • The growing demand for milk and dairy products in China over recent times, and the outlook over the foreseeable future
  • The mounting interest in the China pediatric milk formula market by international players, including market participants and private equity firms
  • Yashili’s history – from its origins to recent listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Demographic factors that influence market development

The Yashili profile includes:

  • Changes to the company’s operating and financial structure
  • Presentation of recent and forecast financial performance
  • Plant overview – including volume utilisation, and future plant developments
  • Key products and brands
  • Regional and channel sales activities
  • Business development initiatives

In addition, a discussion is held on the role of The Carlyle Group as a major shareholder in Yashili – the following is an extract from the report:

Carlyle Group is widely tipped to be acting as a broker or funding initiator in one or other of Yashili’s ambitions to secure a safe and reliable source of raw materials from offshore. More specifically, there are two schools of thought discussed in the current report:

  • Firstly, the potential acquisition of a raw material source in New Zealand
  • Secondly, interest in New Zealand’s Dairy Holdings, Fonterra Co-operative Group’s largest supplier, managing 72 dairy farms throughout New Zealand’s South Island

Of note, these two initiatives are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

The report does not go through the details of the recent melamine crisis … that is behind the industry, and the stage has been reset for confident growth and further development in the market for those companies, like Yashili, that have learned their lessons and intend to move forward as proactive leaders in the market.