Whey Protein: A Strategic Review of Opportunities & Applications


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Whey Protein: A Strategic Review of Opportunities & Applications

Dairymark has a multi-client report entitled ‘Whey Protein: A Strategic Review of Opportunities & Applications’. Details on the report are attached: Click here. In addition we advise:

  • Growth in global demand for whey protein is widely expected. Dairymark shows recent trends in whey protein output, and projects future expectations based on these growth expectations. These trends and future projections are also shown for key categories of WPC, WPI & WPH

Trends in whey protein volume production (mt, 2008 to 2014)



  • An extensive review of whey protein pricing is undertaken, comparing whey protein prices to various soy protein offerings and to various other dairy products. A conclusion is reached that whey protein is currently under-priced in the current market – especially with regards to other dairy commodities. Pricing projections are undertaken that show a closing of the gap between current reality and what the market should be able to pay.
  • The applications base for whey protein is expanding fast – this is driving future global production growth. The key areas for future growth are identified and discussed, including an analysis of the need for the U.S. to become more committed to whey protein manufacture in order to address its domestic market requirements and address opportunities for import replacement.
  • Moreover, a model is provided for U.S. to look at whey protein manufacture that addresses issues much wider than simply producing whey protein to meet growing market demand – a ‘whole of milk’ utilisation is considered that addresses the U.S. position in a broader global dairy industry along with its expected future growth in milk production, and the delicate need not to push cheese production ahead of market demand.
  • A broad discussion is undertaken about the capturing of global whey supply by a small number of leading whey protein manufacturers. These are the vanguards in the development of tomorrow’s whey protein market, with footprints expanding across the globe. Strategic alliances and other relationships are very much a precursor to successful co-operation, with market access and technological knowhow coming from one partner, and whey supply from the other side. We can expect to see more of this occurring with the rush for whey.
  • Whilst the major emphasis of the report is on WPI, WPC & WPH, there is generous discussion about discrete whey proteins and high value protein fractions. In addition, a selection of some of the leading companies with whey protein businesses are profiled.
  • The report is over 230 pages, and can be provided in hard copy to subscribers.