The New Zealand Dairy Industry – Context, Milk Processing/Value-adding Companies, Registered Exporters


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Dairymark has released a new multi-client report.

Details on the report are attached: Click here. As the title indicates, there is three main aspects to the report:

  • Firstly, the context within which the NZ dairy industry operates – this talks about internal and external factors, including:
    • A refocus of New Zealand’s public and foreign policy platforms
    • A top-line review of the global dairy industry – touching on supply issues
    • NZ’s ongoing focus – continuing to strengthen its presence in international markets
    • Trends/forecasts in key economic indicators – including currency exchange movements
    • The expected growth in NZ dairying as a key economic pursuit – including key production trends and performance indicators
    • Projections in NZ dairy output (head in milk, MS produced, milk price, export value)
    • The potential for yet further NZ milk production growth
    • An overview of NZ dairy exports (by market, by commodity)
  • Profiles of NZ milk converters and value-added processors is provided. This includes contact details, an overview of activities, shareholders and directors – because of the dynamic nature of ownership and control of these businesses, a ‘live link’ to the NZ Companies office is given for each company profiled so that updated information on ownership, directors etc is available. A total of 74 companies, including foreign-related ventures, are profiled. These companies have involvement art various stages of the value-adding chain, and are involved (for example) with primary milk processing, contract manufacturing, blending, re-packing into retail ready formats, value-adding milk/dairy ingredients (eg colostrum, pharma products, health foods, mainstream food products, etc)
  • A comprehensive list of registered exporters of NZ dairy products. Few people realise that there is currently over 530 registered NZ dairy exporters involved with a plethora of dairy and dairy-derived products destined for international markets. A comprehensive list is provided, including email contacts in almost all cases, and physical/postal location for each of the 530+ companies