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‘Lactose – a strategic review of opportunities and applications’ (June 2009)

Report # 9 in’s ‘Target business opportunities’ series of publications

As indicated by the title, the report looks at lactose from the perspective of commercial opportunities and market applications, and provides hard industry data, including trade flows, and updated global production volume forecasts through to 2018.

The approach to this review is wide-ranging, with an overt market-orientation and an emphasis on the future – and extensive reference given to some of the major industry players. Due consideration is also given to two related areas:

  • Opportunities for commercial utilisation of mother liquor arising from lactose manufacture
  • Emerging prospects for dairy permeates utilization – including developments in the processing of permeate powder

The report is predicated by the fact that there is an increasing volume of dairy permeate arising from growth in cheese, UF milk and MPC manufacture – along with a significant traditional volume arising from casein/caseinate manufacture.

Since the mid-1990s, dairy permeates have arisen as the ‘new’ whey problem, and it is proposed in the report that with strong international demand for lactose, mother liquor is poised to become the ‘new’ permeate problem. Moreover, it is expected that technology that addresses issues with permeate drying, along with increasing use of milk permeate in dairy product standardization, there will be a reconfiguration of the dynamics between dairy permeates and lactose.

Nevertheless, lactose demand is rampant, with worldwide manufacturing volume (and capacity) and global trade all growing strongly – and this trend is expected to continue through the foreseeable future. The report looks at the situation and outlook for lactose in four broad key sectors: pharmaceutical, food, feed and infant formula. Extensive data including projections through to 2018 are provided in the report.

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