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‘Global ice cream industry – strategic market, international trade & production review’ (February 2008)

Report # 1 in’s ‘Strategic global industry review’ series of publications

A new report on the global ice cream industry is the most current definitive report on the size and trends in the industry, with coverage of all major producing countries, major markets, exporters and importers. This report is predicated by the fact that the global ice cream industry is large and growing, with yet more opportunities for market development by key players and participants – including processors, equipment suppliers, ingredient marketers, packaging companies, international trqaders and retailers.

This is especially the case as the rapidly developing China market comes on stream, and the bright prospects of the sleepy Indian markets awakening to what much of the rest of the world is fondly embracing. This embrace is ice cream consumption. Global ice cream consumption shows recent trends of strong year-on-year growth in worldwide demand throughout much of the world over recent times. The prospects of continuing growth are strong.

International trade in ice cream is significant, and again this business is increasing in size. Current global ice cream trade is approaching 1 billion litres per year, with strong growth expected through the foreseeable future, accounting for almost 6% of total world demand.

Ice cream capacity is responding well to this growth in consumption. However, the report suggests that there could be pressure on product availability over the short-term, which will provide some impetus to growth in international trade as major players realign their sourcing options and high demand markets that face capacity constraints pull stock from alternative regional sources.

The report highlights the promise that the U.S. is expected to be best positioned to exploit the opportunities in export trade for ice cream, with a projection that the U.S. with usurp the EU and become the leading ice cream exporter (excluding intra-EU trade) due to a range of factors. These include:

  • The current low value of the U.S. dollar, providing competitive supply options – especially to highly competitive markets
  • Growth opportunities on its doorstep – including markets such as Mexico, Latin America, Canada – along with an established track record supplying into Asia pacific Rim markets with a range of quality dairy products
  • The positive image of U.S. ice cream
  • Recognition of U.S. as the home of ice cream innovation
  • The knowledge that U.S. producers have a quality range of premium takehome ice creams, ice cream dessert products and the like

The report highlights the role of innovation in driving growth in ice cream consumotion worldwide., and suggests that such innovation will not only differentiate ice cream manufacturers from a competitive basis, but will also lead to unique profiles for different markets. confidently predicts an ongoing growth in global ice cream consumption along with increases in global trade.

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