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‘Dairy ingredients – a strategic review of opportunities and applications in the cream liqueur industry’ (May 2008)

Report # 6 in’s ‘Target business opportunities’ series of publications

Whilst only active on a commercial basis since the early 1970s, the global cream liqueur industry is large and growing fast. Overall market volume is forecast by to exceed 140 million litres p.a. by 2014 – growing from < 100 million litres global consumption in 2000. The dairy industry plays a key role in this industry, supplying a range of raw materials (principally caseinate and milk fat) to various participants. There is a fundamental and intrinsic relationship between dairy ingredient suppliers and cream liqueur formulation, with the supply of such material plus the strict adherence to formulation and processing parameters essential for the outturn of acceptable quality cream liqueurs for discerning consumers.

The relationship between the dairy industry and cream liqueur manufacturers can only strengthen through the foreseeable future as the inevitable worldwide expansion in demand for product occurs. This is especially the case as new and emerging markets such as China are being targeted by the cream liqueur industry as future growth platforms. And the dairy industry faces challenges and opportunities meeting this demand. In particular, new dairy material may offer new opportunities as a greater range of cream liqueur products are entering the market. Such innovation includes:

  • Low alcohol cream liqueurs
  • Fat reduced cream liqueurs
  • Cream liqueurs presented in an alco-pops format (e.g. mixed with lemonade)
  • New varieties using alternative alcohol sources and different flavouring profiles

Each of these present special challenges in formulation, and the dairy ingredient supplier is not exempt from such.

The report provides cover 126 pages, and provides dairy ingredient suppliers and cream liqueur manufacturers a comprehensive wrap on the cream liqueur industry, including:

  • Global volume trends, with forecasts through to 2013
  • Profiles of key players, including estimates of cream liqueur volume
  • Formulations and processing parameters for cream liqueur manufacture using dairy ingredients
  • Innovation associated with cream liquor formulations and processing
  • Alternative ingredients for cream liqueur processing (AMF, double cream, caseinates, alcohol from whey, WPC)

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