Colostrum – a strategic review of opportunities and applications


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Report # 5 in’s ‘Target business opportunities’ series of publications

This report is predicated by the fact that the colostrum industry is a burgeoning global business, exemplified by the large number of new entrants in production and processing terms, and with respect to sales volume supplied to a widening field of end use applications.

Commercial developments in high-end value-adding of colostrum are apparent, and it is these that give credibility to this report. In addition, the current and expected future role of China in the global colostrum industry is important to consider – not only is China the world’s largest market for colostrum products, but it has developments in colostrum harvesting that are occurring that could catapult that country into a position of prominence in terms of import substitution, and perhaps supply into neighboring markets.

A number of key strategic opportunities and applications are presently being addressed by the global colostrum industry. Yet more are emerging or on the longer term horizon. The current report considers these both in their own right, and as opportunities being presented by individual companies. Such considerations include:

  • Extending the use of colostrum from its convention as a feed supplement or substitute for neonatal livestock
  • Driving the development of less price conscious feed sectors (companion pets, stud breeders)
  • Growing returns for farmers who take the time and care to harvest for income diversification
  • Regulatory relaxation in some countries, allowing greater market uptake
  • Growth in consumer awareness with applications in infant formula, medical foods, cosmetics, sports foods, etc
  • Ready acceptance of orally ingested immune dairy products
  • Recognition within Asian cultures of the immune-enhancing properties of colostrum
  • Synergies in development of hyper-immune milk
  • Technological developments across a wide spectrum of the colostrum industry

However, supply is reaching a critical balance. projects a major slowdown in the growth of supply due to product shortages rather than any dampening of demand. This will impact prices, with market value escalation anticipated.

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