Dairymark has its origins as a specialist dairy industry intelligence, market research and strategic consulting organisation.  It commenced operating from its base in South Australia in 1999.  In its early years the organisation completed numerous strategic, market, product & business development assignments for international clients.  Examples of these include:

  • An overview of global dairy supply & demand
  • A longitudinal dairy pricing study
  • A strategic review of dairy industry patent activity
  • A strategic review of dairy R&D activities
  • A critical review of trends in whey permeate utilisation
  • A study of the Australasian dairy industry
  • Strategic research indentifying trends & opportunities in Asian feed markets for dairy ingredients

In early 2005 Dairymark diversified its base.  At that point it embarked on the production, publication, distribution & sales of multi-client subscription reports.  These reports build upon the organisation’s skills & expertise in global dairy industry strategic studies.  The first of these was entitled: ‘Milk Ingredients – A Strategic Review of Opportunities and Applications in the Oral Care Industry’.  Subscriptions in that publication were confirmed by many of the world’s leading dairy companies and industry organisations.  Following on from this Dairymark has completed numerous multi-client studies for subscription by interested parties.

At this point, Dairymark was acquired by Shainwright Consulting and Research Group Pty Ltd.  This has led to a change in its corporate structure and Dairymark has therefore come entirely under the ownership & management control of Shainwright Consulting and Research Group.  At that stage Dairymark relinquished its bespoke assignments, focusing entirely on the production & sale of multi-client reports.  These reports are available for sale, and the portfolio of publications is being continually updated.